Comp3301 A1

Well that sure sucked the life out me - btw I am doing

Comp3301 OS Architecture
Metr3200 Introduction to Control Systems
Phys2020 Thermodynamics & Condensed Matter Physics
Phys3050 Electromagnetic Theory III

More Stuff

So I headed out catching the 9:17 220 which ended up running about 5 minutes late. I was dehydrated so I bought some drink and then took the walk down to Jaycar. I bought my stuff there and then caught the bus into the city where I went to get a drink from the fountains in the Queen St Bus Station. Stayed there till I was hydrated then walked across the mall to get the 412. Upon my arrival at uni I check my.uq & si-net again, before proceeding to commence the operation of which the purpose initiated today's outing - taking a book to the 2nd hand bookshop. Which is good because I've had it for nearly 2 years and for some reason they wouldn't accept last year.

So after this I headed in search of the School of Physical Sciences Review Document, ending up at the School Office in the Physics Annexe and being told that I'm actually getting a copy of the unfinalised report due to Kim Lamb having not distributed copies of of the final version. Went down to Dorothy Hill and returned a book before heading off again back to the city.

Took a short rest before getting a 200 out to Carindale, where I found they still had the DVD I wanted at $9.99, which was just as well as it meant I didn't need to go to Garden City (I was originally planning to go there before Carindale). Bought an Choc Orange & Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream from New Zealand Natural and took my time to enjoy it before I got the 225 home.

Christmas Shopping

Caught the train into Bowen Hills where I walked to Prime and picked up my radio modem kit and then kept walk west to Bowen Bridge Road and caught the bus to the Valley there. Did some walking to have look a look at a few things and then caught the bus into the city where I started doing some Christmas shopping before I met up with my mother and did some more Christmas shopping. Eventually I met up with my father and did some more, before my parents went home and I went for a walk and did some personal shopping. Caught the first train after 19:00 home and got back at about 20:00.

Sheddy Christmas Party

Went to Sheddy's Christmas party at Guyatt Park, St Lucia. Got there around midday for shenanigans. BBR piked, as usual and HighGecko turned up at 13:40. I stayed for about 3 hours and had a good time.

Dentist & Meet?

Went back to the dentist to pick up some stuff from yesterday and I think that's all I did in the day.

Was hoping to have a meet at night but BBR piked because he was being obsessively compulsive about needing a plan. Even more ironic is that he ended up going into the city anyway - to buy World of Warcraft.

Here's hoping that a successful night outing will proceed in January.

Semester 2 debrief

CSSE1000 Introduction to Computer Systems #2
I really enjoyed this.

CSSE2002 Programming in the Large #2
Enjoyed this as well.

INFS1200 Introduction to Information Systems #2
I'm glad I don't have to do anymore database courses anymore.

MATH1052 Multivariate Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations #2
ODEs are one of greatest concepts ever.

Anyways I've decided to do Computer Systems Instead of Software. The reasons for this are mainly that I was planning to do some of the Hardware courses as I'm interested in Embedded Systems. In the end I decided it would be better to just do Computer Systems as my major and do some of the software courses as electives.

Semester 2 2005

Here's the deal and thoughts.

CSSE1000 Introduction to Computer Systems #2
protiotype reckons that Simon Leung has made the course harder this year - the major change being that practicals are individually marked like the higher level computer systems courses. I keep making wiring errors in them though. X|

CSSE2002 Programming in the Large #2
This course has been majored revamped to deal with the lack of Java in the level 1 courses, and so we are the first group doing the new version. It's a lot more structured than the old version and there are even prescribed textbooks now.

INFS1200 Introduction to Information Systems #2
Bang. A bit boring, at least there is usually some exercise stuff to do in the second half of the afternoon lecture.

MATH1052 Multivariate Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations #2
I don't see why people think Graeme Chandler is boring. I think he is actually good. I'm already liking this course more than Math1051.

Physics Collequium


Stayed at University after my morning lecture, attending both my CSSE1000 contact and the BITS BBQ. However the real reason I stayed was to attend the weeks Physics Collequium: "Warped Passages: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions", presented by Harvard Professor Lisa Randall as part of the AIP's WYP2005 events. It was quite fascinating and interesting, mainly concerned with String Theory and how it involves more than the perceived amount of dimensions.

Sunday Live


Caught the train and CityCat to meet up with protiotype, HighGecko, Thei and Bronwen for Sunday Live. The performance for the week was Clocked Out Duo, a percussion and piano duo. Afterwards I got a lift with HighGecko to the train station where I caught the train home.

Bags & Books


This time I got the 225 to Carindale first and went to sort out my bag. The strap on the bag I bought in December last year had torn off and I took it back to Myers earlier in the Holidays. I dropped it off there earlier in the Holidays and I was coming back to get a new one as they had rung back to say it couldn't be fixed. So I spent a while analysing the different bags on offer and chose what I assume to be the 'upgrade' of the bag I bought.

After this I caught the 200 into the city where I then caught the 412 into UQ. I bummed about on the Computers again, however before leaving this time I got out the Database book for INFS1200 and some theme park books I requested from Ipswich. Caught the bus and the train home (I think).