reubot (reubot) wrote,

Semester 2 2005

Here's the deal and thoughts.

CSSE1000 Introduction to Computer Systems #2
protiotype reckons that Simon Leung has made the course harder this year - the major change being that practicals are individually marked like the higher level computer systems courses. I keep making wiring errors in them though. X|

CSSE2002 Programming in the Large #2
This course has been majored revamped to deal with the lack of Java in the level 1 courses, and so we are the first group doing the new version. It's a lot more structured than the old version and there are even prescribed textbooks now.

INFS1200 Introduction to Information Systems #2
Bang. A bit boring, at least there is usually some exercise stuff to do in the second half of the afternoon lecture.

MATH1052 Multivariate Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations #2
I don't see why people think Graeme Chandler is boring. I think he is actually good. I'm already liking this course more than Math1051.
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