reubot (reubot) wrote,

More Stuff

So I headed out catching the 9:17 220 which ended up running about 5 minutes late. I was dehydrated so I bought some drink and then took the walk down to Jaycar. I bought my stuff there and then caught the bus into the city where I went to get a drink from the fountains in the Queen St Bus Station. Stayed there till I was hydrated then walked across the mall to get the 412. Upon my arrival at uni I check my.uq & si-net again, before proceeding to commence the operation of which the purpose initiated today's outing - taking a book to the 2nd hand bookshop. Which is good because I've had it for nearly 2 years and for some reason they wouldn't accept last year.

So after this I headed in search of the School of Physical Sciences Review Document, ending up at the School Office in the Physics Annexe and being told that I'm actually getting a copy of the unfinalised report due to Kim Lamb having not distributed copies of of the final version. Went down to Dorothy Hill and returned a book before heading off again back to the city.

Took a short rest before getting a 200 out to Carindale, where I found they still had the DVD I wanted at $9.99, which was just as well as it meant I didn't need to go to Garden City (I was originally planning to go there before Carindale). Bought an Choc Orange & Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream from New Zealand Natural and took my time to enjoy it before I got the 225 home.
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