August 15th, 2005

Bags & Books


This time I got the 225 to Carindale first and went to sort out my bag. The strap on the bag I bought in December last year had torn off and I took it back to Myers earlier in the Holidays. I dropped it off there earlier in the Holidays and I was coming back to get a new one as they had rung back to say it couldn't be fixed. So I spent a while analysing the different bags on offer and chose what I assume to be the 'upgrade' of the bag I bought.

After this I caught the 200 into the city where I then caught the 412 into UQ. I bummed about on the Computers again, however before leaving this time I got out the Database book for INFS1200 and some theme park books I requested from Ipswich. Caught the bus and the train home (I think).